GRAITEC has a commitment to sustainability anchored in the company mission and as a result, has a clear commitment to a more sustainable future. The company developed a clear plan with objectives to secure the words are translated into concrete action and that they can track their progress. This is why they make sure diversity, sustainability, and philanthropic ambitions are translated into the real world thanks to key actions such as, for example, a strong partnership with Habitat for Humanity non profit organization, the sponsorship of the Global Award for sustainable architecture!



Graitec was started from scratch 30 years ago, and we keep growing, even doubled our size in the last 3 years. Growth is at the heart of our story, and so is Agility. We are always making sure we move quickly and fluidly, all around the world and in a way that is truly customer centric, so we can stay relevant in an ever changing world. Our conviction? Innovation is the key to unleash the power of truly great design and to optimize resources and plan better in the construction industry, taking building to new highs thanks to simulation, industrialization, inconsistencies removal and other truly transformative technologies. Finally, we honor our corporate responsibility, because commitment towards a better, more sustainable world and work environment is part of modeling a future we all want to be part of!



At Graitec, we value Ambition and Engagement: we believe to really make a difference, one needs to think big and act bold. Both in our products and services designs and in our high level preoccupations such as sustainability, we are looking for people that share our will to reach for the moon and set high expectations for themselves and for the way the address our customer’s needs. The goal? For everyone, teams and clients, to realize their full potential. To reach that goal, we focus on building a family of individuals driven and united by a shared mission, as One Graitec. And all that, fueled by our one true secret : we like what we do which lead to our Positive Energy!

Working & Growing at GRAITEC

Learn from our teams career

GRAITEC Sales Team

GRAITEC Sales team is securing customers are buying solutions they need to accelerate their performance, as well as to ensure customers onboarding, usage and satisfaction. GRAITEC has sales force in each country they are established in. A large diversity of roles is making the Sales function at GRAITEC enabling sales talent to grow their career at GRAITEC. While many team members are focused on business development, GRAITEC Account Managers are leveraging Solution Sales teams to answer the best to customers challenges thanks to GRAITEC solutions.

GRAITEC Technical Teams

Graitec pride themselves on the highly skilled individuals that deliver the suite of professional services globally. The diversity of services delivered, range from essential training through to complex development of products for customers needs. Each technical individual carries a wealth of experience and relevant qualifications to ensure that the service delivered is of the highest quality. With the global reach of GRAITEC, it is crucial that the services offered are both standardized to reach the highest quality and localized to the relevant markets. GRAITEC’s professional service offerings include: Software specific training, Project based software consultancy, Implementation services, Industry awareness consultancy, Product customization, Technical Support.

GRAITEC Product, Research and Development Teams

Product Management team is dispersed global team designing the evolution GRAITEC solutions & closely partnering with the R&D team to delight our customers with innovative and agile products. The R&D division of GRAITEC is a diverse, multicultural environment, with a wide range of experienced professionals, with strong technical / interpersonal skills and a dedication to excellence. Centered in Romania, the R&D team also operates locally, in France, UK, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, working alongside the Product Management Team in offering top-notch solutions to the AEC sector.

GRAITEC Corporate Team

As all companies, our corporate teams are made of various function including IT, HR, Finance, Order Operations, Office Management and the largest – with more presence in the subsidiaries than in HQ, being Marketing. GRAITEC Marketing team is a global organization, serving all countries and solution lines of GRAITEC to ensure the company marketing and communication is in line with markets and customer needs. The Marketing team is made of global and local teams, all aligned on one only company agenda and leveraging each others to succeed. Each subsidiary of GRAITEC has its own marketing team to ensure local market - customers appealing plans while the team is leveraging the central HQ team and consistent materials on a daily basis. As a result - this is truly a global / multicultural one team that operates together to make the most of each team member time !

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