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Why early in career talents are so important to us

Did you know the global Building Information Modelling (BIM) market size was valued at $5,205 million in 2019, and is projected to reach $15,892 million by 2027 (CAGR of 15.2%), or that the Construction industry accounts for 40% of global energy consumption, 40% of greenhouse effects, more than half of all global extracted raw materials and 30% of global material waste… If so, you understand why we need to fuel our industry with early in career talents that will be able to capture the opportunity & model the future of the industry!


Meaningful Internships

At GRAITEC, we look for meaningful internships that transform into careers. Take a moment to listen to Irina, who leveraged our internship program in our R&D team more than 10 years ago, to understand how an internship at GRAITEC can be a skill and career builder

Beyond Internships, Developmental Experience

Beyond graduation, we are passionate about fueling our industry rapidly with the talents needed to transform the construction industry. Because of this, we have officially launched our Early in Career talent program BIM ACCELERATION back in 2022. The program is made of heavy selections, 2 years of a development journey, Hub location & life experience. Newly graduates learn a role, experience a new life, and become true experts in 2 years, of the Construction and Fabrication industry!


Career start with GRAITEC

As Early in Career professionals, it is key to have the opportunity to test yourself, experience to identify your superpowers, those that will make you thrive and accelerate your career to where you want it to go. If you are committed to your growth and to our industry digitization acceleration, then, GRAITEC might be an outstanding place to start your career by listening to Sally!

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